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Multidimensional Mentors for the Mentors of the next generations

in collaboration with Sue Cawthorne


Sacred Geometry

Spiritual Awareness

Soul path Guidance 



Who is Salah-Eddin Gherbi ?

Salah-Eddin Gherbi is a multidimensional healer who work in the Angelic, Ascended and Galactic Masters realms, facilitating the clearing of a person's energy system.

Salah works with the blue ray whose path on earth includes bringing Light and Love, helping the soul to connect with its Divine Blueprint.

One of the most important part of Salah's work is bring in a very high frequency of Cobalt blue energy transforming the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for other rays to come.

Salah works not only with humanity but also with the Earth, its specific nodal points or sacred sites where divine healing energy is harnessed to clear and activate the planetary grid.

Salah is above all a Multidimensional Mentor educating mentors for starseeds, indigos, starchildren for the next generations.

In addition of this work, Salah is  an Author of a book called "The Etheric Particle 216, unifying matter and spirit" presenting the existence of the fifth element the ether through Sacred Geometry and the language of numbers.

Who is Sue Cawthorne ?

Sue Cawthorne has been psychic since early childhood. By 15 she was a healer and did psychic work after school.

She has facilitated hundreds of workshops/ classes / trainings all her life. She has done TV and radio shows.


She has experience of working with Astrolgy. Kabbalah, 3rd eye , intuition and psychic awareness and healing. 


She enjoys sharing her gifts with others and loves to empower and support people to discover and share their own gifts. She is a Present Moment coach and retreat guide, intuition coach - for individuals and companies.


Her book “You are The One “ is a celebration of the Divine Nature of All Life and our journey back to remembering it.


"In each heart there is an inner knowing of wisdom and truth. Each of us is engaged in a wonderful unfolding of undreamed of potential. The authentic you, is the you that is found at your absolute core. The real you."


Sue Cawthorne

  • One of the service that Salah and Sue offer for the collective is Life Mentorship Program targeting Starseeds, Indigos and other gifted souls to help them to reconnect to Self and explore their inner gifts through different spiritual techniques. A six weeks training course offering online videos and writing material, all the tools you need to learn how to mentor yourself spiritually and emotionally in daily life. The different techniques presented takes you right into the core of your soul, body and spirit to empower you as a Human and Spiritual Being. ​


  • Salah and Sue collaborate together in Intuitive Astrology Reading. Salah creates your own Personalized Activation Chart, a unique blueprint revealing your soul purpose and lessons through sacred geometry, numerology, sound (a new expression to experience your birth chart), symbolism and alchemy. The Chart presents only the seven celestial bodies well known in Ancient times : The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which represent the inner aspects of the Self in the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah. In addition of the material provided by Salah, you get a 13 card Tarot Reading offering clear guidance on all areas of life by Sue Cawthorne.

  • Salah and Sue offer a Kabbalah Soul Path Reading with the mystical Kabbalah, the Tree of Life. The Mystical Kabbalah is a diagram and system of symbols. It consists of The Tree of Life and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot Cards - The Book of Thoth it is a mystical and occult teaching of ancient wisdom . It is an amazing tool also for self - knowledge and illumination of our soul journey. You will be given clear description of your Soul Path, which initiation you are going through and on what level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane).



Our Life Mentorship Program opened its doors


Reconnection to Self

A mindfulness course

W1 : Introduction to Mind, Body and Spirit

W2 : Benefits of different types of meditation

Kabbalah Soul Path Reading.jpg

Are you looking for some guidance in your soul journey ?

Do you need more clarity right now?

The Kabbalah Soul Path reading can help you.


30 min

Sacred Geometry Classes

33% off discount

Limited time until New year 2020



Expect changes, even minimal they can be

The reactions and feelings from the services, either during the session or afterwards, can differ from person to person. You may feel powerful shifts or only tiny changes. What it is important to remember is that healing energy is at work and is working on you. 



Book directly online here.

Feel free to contact me for further questions or requests.

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