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Intuitive Astrology Reading

Get your complete personalized activation chart revealing your Etheric Body blueprint through Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Numerology, Gematria, Symbolism, Music (sound) and a Circle of Life Reading by Sue Cawthorne.

Salah works with the seven celestial bodies representing the Etheric Body :

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, well known by the ancient civilizations, especially in Alchemy and Astronomy. 

Below is Salah's Personalized Activation Chart with its Sound Birth Chart as a model presented.

     Sound Birth Chart

Salah's birth chart sound

What does the reading consist ?

  1.  A picture high resolution of your chart.

  2.  A sound birth chart, a unique sequence of notes related to the position of the seven celestial bodies.

  3.  A private video interpretation on my YouTube Channel about :

  •  The symbols and words assigned to the celestial body.

  •  The numbers related to your birth date and gematria of your full name.

  •  The inner geometric aspects of the Self.

​   4. The affirmation of your manifestation according to the seven keywords in a sentence.

   5. An intuitive guidance for your natural health.

   6. A life circle reading by Sue Cawthorne with 30 minutes consultation via Zoom (20 min reading + 10 min questions).

Circle of Life Reading by Sue Cawthorne :


This 13 card Tarot Reading offers clear guidance on all areas of life, 12 cards in a circle - 13 th in the middle. The 12 outer cards represent the Astrological Houses of the Birth chart. Each card gives insight and clarity on the influences effecting each house - area of expression. Starting with the first House - personality to 12th house - The unconscious and the Soul. The 13th central card represents the overall keynote  of the year ahead. The Reading usually indicates the circumstances for the year ahead. It gives the querent detailed insight into the unfolding year. The reading can be done as a reading in its own right or in conjunction with a natal chart.

The Activation Chart reveals the unique personal blueprint of my clients, energetic grid of their etheric body, the sound and life lesson of their Soul's experience. Feel free to fill up the form below after booking your session.

30 min
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