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Introduction to the Kabbalah

In this introduction of the Kabbalah, a universal medicine and self exploration, myself and my colleague Sue present the Kabbalah, what is it and how this can help you as a healing tool to have much clarity in your life.

The Kabbalah can be divided into four worlds which go beyond the use of our five senses in the Physical World at the root. There is nothing that can be manifested or crystallizes into this physical world before passing first through the foundation of the formative world "Yesod". It's the imaginative world, dreams, subconscious part where you have an unlimited way to express your desires.

There is no boundary of thinking and expressing them. But once the path goes down to crystallize them in Malkuth, the physical world, it is manifested in a tangible way.

Sometimes we have desires of something and it's not materialized physically.

Sometimes we don't have any desire, and the manifestation comes from a much higher place we can't explain. It's just manifested in alignment with a higher divine purpose.

This can all be explained with an understanding of the mechanisms of the Kabbalah, a universal medicine carrying healing tools for all the different worlds representative of all the aspects of your life :


  1. The physical world (Crystallized world).

  2.  The formative world (The Imaginative world).

  3. The creative world (The Higher Mind).

  4. The spiritual world (Higher awareness/consciousness).