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The soul connection journey

The twin flames journey is such a topic nowadays. I decided to write insights about it knowing that many people are looking for answers. This journey is not necessarily an easy route for the soul to go through as it involves the commitment of two souls stepping forward out of their comfort zone and exploring their shadow to send back to the light.

Above all, a journey on that level with a partner is most likely a journey you undertake within yourself without expectation from the other partner.

It begins in these footprints of detachment from anything back in return. The base of a strong soul connection is when you can stand strongly in those times of vulnerability for each other. It can take a lot of strength for men to hold the space for women or vice versa. Compassion and love to yourself reflects back to your partner.

In a very strong storm of emotional release, you are invited to transmute negativity, result of negative feelings locked in the soul blueprint such as anger, jealousy, hatred. The triggers can be shown in different situations, even most basic life activity.

For example, if you have any core belief around money and make it difficult to create an abundant flow, a situation with your own mirror may come up to you so that the trigger around this core belief come to the light. A strong soul connection is nurtured through a recognition of these dark places which need to be pointed and transmuted. Humility and Surrender to these spots is the journey of the underworld of the soul. This journey comes naturally in the flow of life without trying to look for any of these spots.

There are different soul connections you can experience, soulmate when you had past life experiences or soul contract to help each other in a specific time of your life. There are also soul group family that your soul can recognize energetically in their divine blueprint. I define a soul mate connection to resolve karmic unfinished business but also to journey for spiritual growth purposes. A strongest soul connection is obviously a twin flame connection which originally comes from the same original divine blueprint. Their incarnation has a greater purpose.

By coming together, the work they both combine is more often targeted to raise the humanity's consciousness to a higher frequency through their divine gifts and remind the individual or soul groups its true nature and divine blueprint.

Most often, they also help to reactivate DNA circuits with their own presence and duplicated energy. Their divine union is growing up through a pure and sacred divine connection with a good awareness of healthy boundaries and commitment.

The commitment to your divine mirror is reflecting back to your own divinity.

At this time of many gathering of twin flames connection, it is important to not get trapped in the attachment of a soul connection not serving your highest purposes in your divine life mission. The best way is to keep working on yourself and only focusing on your own creativity to expand in the sparkle light you create and manifest for yourself and the collective. By doing so, the illusions dissolve. Asserting your own truth makes way for the twin flame connection.

Although you may know or not your twin flame in this world, the surrender process of your own flow may help you to release from attachment and bring you closer to manifest a physical union.

In the Divine flow, it happens only when the two souls are ready to meet in the greater picture of the collective as a great cosmic clock-mechanism.

Surrendering to the divine orchestra in your own flow take your journey on a very powerful quest for self-discovery and this is the strong foundation of a soul or twin flame connection.

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you change your life." Elizabeth Gilbert

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