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The spirit guides of nature

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Did you wander if you have a companion in your life journey?

Although your journey can be really challenging, either you feel lonely or supported, the spirit guides of nature are always in service of the Divine Consciousness and really receptive of the energy flow they are experiencing. You can be certain these spirit guides are also masters of consciousness to lead and open you up to a better awareness of your true nature.

Nature is a great teacher and healer. It helps you to bring clarity, wash your energy field, anchor and connect more deeper with the core of Mother Earth. In these times of new energies and shifts, I always recommend my clients to get closer to Earth and purify their energy field through walks and be receptive to any message from the Animal Kingdom.

Silence and meditation in nature is a very powerful way to center yourself and clear any undesired energy. Ask the help of the spirit guides to accompany your journey and you may meet one of them in the right time and space. Everything flows accordingly to a greater picture to embrace your true nature.

Trust the divine flow.


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