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The wave of awakening

Updated: Mar 3, 2019


In this time of great shifts, we can feel a huge amount of energy coming through ourselves and the planet. One great indicator of this shift, in a practical level, is the Resonance Schumann which represents Earth breathing facing with intensive cosmic rays from our Sun and the Galactic Center.

On 28th February 2019, the Resonance Schumann reached a peak of 85Hz. Rare events are taking place in the disturbed ionosphere.

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There is a great alignment taking place between our Solar System, other Solar Systems and the Galactic center. We are all heard from the ancient civilizations the arrival of these shifts in a specific time, cosmic doorway opening up to these high energies.

One of a great indicator is also the Sun bringing extra cosmic rays, long-lasting holes in its atmosphere. These holes are sources of major high particles flux creating a solar wind and disturbing Earth's magnetic field. The faster the solar wind blows, the greater the turbulence. The Kp index is an indicator of Sun's effect on Earth's magnetic field. The index ranges from 0, for low activity, to 9, which means that an intense geomagnetic storm is under way.

The Sun shows its gradual transformation and will eventually lead to the birth of the sixth Sun as the Mayas mentioned.

Source : NOAA

There is a clear increase of frequency on Earth and the first places concerned about these high shifts are the meeting points of the energetic meridians of Earth called ley lines. These meeting points are the places of Earth where pyramids, sacred buildings were built such as the Great Pyramid of Gizah, Machu Picchu in South America, Peru, the famous Stonehenge in United Kingdom etc.

Many souls are now called to visit those places to ground these high energies, to trigger the DNA and soul memories. The planetary grid has also memories of old energies from past events which have long been in the shadows nowadays. This grid is also being triggered with these new shifts and require many awakened souls to hold the space for these changes in those specific places.

Heart Chakra of Earth Glastonbury Tor

The old grid of low vibration frequency is transmuting in a higher frequency. It is like a great portal is created for the old to become a lighter and higher frequency. A person can process deep internal shifts, releasing what is no longer needed to make space for a higher energy in its individual mental and emotional field. The collective consciousness makes also space for this wave of awakening and processes these shifts in a similar manner.

In these shifts, keep looking within, being creative and working for the good of all.