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Why is there need for a journey ?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

After a healing session with a client, he asked a few questions about the essence of the purpose of our existence such as :

" Why is there need for a journey ? Why aren't we born with the knowledge ? Why are we born in ignorance and we have to find the answers, which usually takes quite a bit of suffering? If God is so powerful why not create the heaven on earth from the start? "

When the questions were asked, I felt really guided to share my answers on my website, hence the purpose of the blog, sharing metaphysics and spiritual insights.

My answers:

Why aren't we born with the knowledge ?

The knowledge is by definition facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education.

Why are we born in ignorance ?

If we are born with the knowledge of all things, or even a few things. We won't be able to define "experience" in our journey as "experience" is a gradual process of learning and getting awareness.This is about learning from an intellectual, emotional and spiritual side. That brings a notion of space and time in a three dimensional or human experience.

We are born from scratch intellectually, not knowing anything in a baby state, how to walk or even speak. Although these skills come gradually when we grow up, it does not mean that a baby has no knowledge of things. A baby is closer to the state of the divine blueprint, freshly born, very angelic nature. A baby hasn't mastered all of his five senses in the world yet but would eventually look through the eye of the soul being able to feel the energy of the surroundings even deeper. We are born in ignorance of not knowing intellectually the facts but can be very aware on other levels.

and we have to find the answers, which usually takes quite a bit of suffering?

We have to find the answers or the answers come to us in a very synchronized way. An experience through suffering helps the soul to alleviate deep emotional layers, to discharge emotional energy that accumulated through different past experience. Suffering is also a path that the soul goes through for very specific alignment with its own path and the greater picture in the collective consciousness, or something that the soul pays back from past experiences. There are so many other parameters to mention. Sometimes this may be defined through an intricate network of parameters.

Above all, the answers are within us. Looking for them is looking within. It takes us to go through deep spiritual experiences, letting go of many things we have the tendency to attach over time. This can take us on a path of suffering or happiness. This journey is a self discovery of our true divine nature. It is like rediscovering who we really are again and falling the mask or lifting the veil of a three dimensional reality. It is breaking through the illusion of a mental world where thoughts dissolve and really help us to embody even deeper our higher self.

If God is so powerful why not create the heaven on earth from the start?

God although very powerful, decided in Its Verb that this world we are living is a school of experiences. This left us with our free will to make choices. This left us to acquire wisdom through our lessons over these experiences. In our true divine nature, the authenticity of our being is to be discovered again. Our divine nature is a full awareness of all things taking us beyond a human experience on earth and more of an embodiment and mirror of God.

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