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Introduction to Sacred Geometry

"As a meditative person, I have always contemplated the stars in the sky and how they perfectly follow the principle of order. In this book I present an alternative theory unifying matter and spirit through the language of numbers and geometry, opening new doorways in physics and mathematics; and promoting unity in all things. I have always believed that profound knowledge can come from within. Undoubtedly, we are all connected with each other beyond duality or any form of separation within our minds. Geometry is a tangible field which allows us to unify the intellect and the heart. In my work I aim to feel a connection to the core of my heart whilst using the logical part of my brain, having worked through the first year of a Master’s degree in Astrophysics. Many of the harmonic numbers in our known reality were encoded in the Bible. My work shows the connection of all things through the fifth element or ether, which dictates the behavior of the four fundamental interactions in physics - Electromagnetism, Gravity, Strong and Weak nuclear forces. The fifth force or pyramid energy is not currently considered by mainstream science. It is my belief that each being possesses an inner alchemical fire that allows us to connect with the One Quintessence. We are now entering a new era with energies shifting to a higher frequency. The coming of this new era was recorded by the Mayan civilization as the time of a New Sun. Many prophecies have spoken about the coming of a golden age when nations will be united again. Indeed, the end of the thirteen Baktun cycle is upon us. We are all experiencing beautiful changes in this exciting time." About Salah-Eddin Gherbi form his book the Etheric Particle 216, Unifying matter and spirit.

The following online classes are an introduction to Sacred Geometry of Level 1 :

  1. Class 1 : An application to the natural Healing Frequencies, Fibonacci Spiral and Platonic Solids.

  2. Class 2 : An application to the Tetractys, the Great Pyramid, numbers and nature.

  3. Class 3 : An application to the cosmic order, the Philosopher’s stone and the Eye of Horus.

Level of difficulty​ :  * Easy , ** Intermediate,  *** Advanced